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Bookwill Clearomizer

Bookwill Clearomizer

Bookwill is a manufacturer of e-cigarettes and related products for vapors. With the Bookwill clearomizer you can replace the mouthpiece, tank and coil of an e-cigarette. You can use these clearomizers with the standard Ego model, if you have any questions about this, you can of course contact our help desk staff. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

Bookwill clearomizer

The name "clearomizer" was not chosen by accident, it is an atomizer with a transparent tank. That makes refilling easier, you can see exactly how much e-liquid is still present in the reservoir. Previously the tank usually had a capacity of 5 ml, nowadays this is legally limited to 2 ml. Heavy vaporizers will therefore have to refill liquid more often. In addition to the standard model, a colored version is also available in which the tank is made of a colored transparent material. Furthermore, these vaporizers are completely identical.

Replaceable parts

With disposable e-cigarettes, the entire product will be 'used up' after use. When the liquid has completely evaporated, the coil and the battery will also no longer function properly. The newer Ego models are made by different manufacturers, the battery is rechargeable so that only the upper part is replaced. With the Bookwill clearomizer it is a "consumable item", which means very simply that the item will function temporarily after which it is time for replacement. By replacing the tank, the mouthpiece and the coil periodically you can optimally vaporize without "dry hits" or splashing, provided you use the right e-liquid of course.

Do you want to know more about clearomizers and parts for your electronic cigarette? Then inquire about all products by contacting one of our employees.
Brand: Bookwill Model: Bookwill eVOD Clearomizer
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Brand: Bookwill Model: Bookwill Vapo - H2 Bottom coil Clearomizer
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