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SmokeStik Clearomizer

SmokeStik Clearomizer

The SmokeStik brand is known for their disposable cigarette. Over time, more and more competitors entered the market with a "mod" system, e-cigarettes that consist of several parts that can be replaced separately. This brand could not stay behind and came with its own "Ego" model that is refillable and for which you can order a replacement SmokeStik clearomizer. With that you do not always have to throw away the complete electronic cigarette, which is not only good for the environment but also for the wallet. On this page we provide more information about the SmokeStik clearomizer, if you have any questions you can always contact us.

SmokeStik clearomizer

An electric cigarette consists of different parts. First, you can distinguish between the battery and the clearomizer. The clearomizers can be divided into the mouthpiece, the tank and the coil. The coil, also called atomizer, consists of a resistance wire and a wick that absorbs the liquid from the tank. A SmokeStik clearomizer is supplied with a coil, which makes the choice a lot easier. You should pay particular attention to the color, because the ULTRA is available in black and silver.

Only for ULTRA

The standard disposable e-cigarette is still available, there is nothing else you can replace. This device is called the "Classic", and can be ordered in various flavors and concentrations of nicotine. The ULTRA offers the possibility to not only replace the SmokeStik clearomizer, but also to top up e-liquid yourself. This means that you are no longer limited to the aromas that the manufacturer offers. Pay attention to the correct ratio PG and VG, because this damper is suitable for MTL vapors.

Brand: SmokeStik Model: SmokeStik ULTRA clearomizer Black incl. coil
SmokeStik ULTRA clearomizer Black incl. coil ..
€ 9.95 Ex Tax:€ 8.22
Brand: SmokeStik Model: SmokeStik ULTRA clearomizer Silver incl. coil
SmokeStik ULTRA clearomizer Silver incl. coil ..
€ 9.95 Ex Tax:€ 8.22
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