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Eleaf coils

The Eleaf Electronics brand was founded in 2011, it is a Chinese manufacturer of e-cigarettes, parts and accessories for vapors. In addition to products such as electric cigarettes and Eleaf coils, to name just a few examples, they also produce OEM items for other brands. In 2014 the first iStick e-cigarette came on the market, since then they have released several models. In particular when the variable temperature control was introduced, the manufacturer decided to launch several products that make temperature setting possible. Consider the iStick TC40W, TC60W and TC100W with increasing power. It is important to order the right Eleaf coils that match the damper. If you have any questions about this, you can contact the help desk.

Which Eleaf e-cigarettes are for sale?

In addition to the iStick, the most famous product of this brand, there is also the iJust series, the second version of which is currently available. Special Eleaf coils with a double head are used for this model, which makes it possible to produce larger vapor clouds. A direct output voltage makes this product easy to operate for new users. The battery capacity varies by type, as well as the resistance of the coil.

Choose Eleaf coils

In addition to the type of electric cigarette, there are other features to take into account, including the resistance. The lower the resistance, the greater the vapor, the e-cigarette must be suitable for this. There are Eleaf coils with a resistance of 0.15 Ohm up to 1.5 Ohm. Above 1 Ohm one speaks of Mouth To Lung fumes (MTL), which corresponds to normal smoking. Under 1 Ohm it concerns Sub-Ohm fumes or Direct to Lung (DTL). In the second method, larger vapor clouds are produced. The device must be suitable for this. If you are not sure which Eleaf coils fit your device, you should first contact the help desk.

Brand: Eleaf Model: Eleaf BDC Atomizer 1.6 Ω
Eleaf BDC Atomizer (1.6 Ω) 5st   ..
€ 9.95 Ex Tax:€ 8.22
Brand: Eleaf Model: Eleaf EC Atomizer Head 0.3 Ω
Eleaf EC Atomizer Head 0.3 Ω ..
€ 14.95 Ex Tax:€ 12.36
Brand: Eleaf Model: Eleaf EC Atomizer Head 0.5 Ω
Eleaf EC Atomizer Head 0.5 Ω 5 pcs ..
€ 14.95 Ex Tax:€ 12.36
Brand: Eleaf Model: Eleaf EC Atomizer Head TC-Ni 0.15 Ω
Eleaf EC Atomizer Head TC-Ni 0.15 Ω ..
€ 16.95 Ex Tax:€ 14.01
Brand: Eleaf Model: ELEAF ECML COIL 0.75 OHM 5 PCS
€ 14.95 Ex Tax:€ 12.36
Brand: Eleaf Model: ELEAF GS AIR M COIL - 0.35 OHM (5 ST.)
The Eleaf GS M Air Coil is an innovative coil designed for Eleaf clearomizer GS Drive. This coil is made from Kanthal wire and is provided with 0.35Ohm resistance.  Specifications  Resistance: 0.35Ohm Quantity: 5 pieces per package kit contents Eleaf GS Air M 0..
€ 11.95 Ex Tax:€ 9.88
Brand: Eleaf Model: Eleaf GS-Air 2 Coil 0.75
Eleaf GS-Air 2 Pure Cotton Head(0.75ohm) 5st.   Deze verpakking bevat vijf coils van 0,75 Ohm. De gloeidraad is gemaakt van Kanthal, de wick is gemaakt van puur katoen.  Er zijn 2 typen coil's voor de Eleaf GS-Air 2 tank. namelijk de 0.75 Ohm en de 1.5 Ohm   Note: 1.Please first drip a..
€ 9.50 Ex Tax:€ 7.85
Brand: Eleaf Model: Eleaf GS-Air 2 Coil 1.5 Ω
Eleaf GS-Air 2 Pure Cotton Head coil 1.5 Ω   Note: 1.Please first drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the cotton wick so as to make it fully moist before vaping. 2.Please don’t vape until e-liquid nearly runs out. Otherwise, the cotton wick inside will be damaged. ..
€ 10.50 Ex Tax:€ 8.68
Brand: Eleaf Model: ELEAF HW1-C COILS ( 5 ST.) - 0.25 OHM
De VernieuwdeEleaf ELLO HW1-C Coils zijn geschikt voor alle ELLO Tanks. Specificaties Weerstand: 0.25Ohm Soort: Keramische single coil Bereik wattage: 25-50W Aanbevolen wattage: 35-40W ..
€ 10.95 Ex Tax:€ 9.05
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