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Ijoy Coils

Ijoy Coils

The Ijoy brand makes various types of electric cigarettes and parts for dampers. These products are sold on five continents and in more than thirty countries. With innovative designs they have set themselves the goal of offering an alternative to tobacco smoking. With models like the Avenger and Captain you immediately think of superheroes, this brand wants to make the difference. This also applies to the Ijoy coils, for example, they use mesh coils that operate at a low resistance, making them suitable for Sub-Ohm vapors.

Ijoy coils

If we look at the X3 Ijoy coils, we see that it concerns mesh coils. Literally "mesh" means a fine-meshed fabric of threads, in practice it can also be a strip of metal that approaches the effect of a mesh with very small perforations. This increases the surface with which the Ijoy coils can be small in relation to other coils and yet offer a large surface.

Sub-Ohm vaping

With Ijoy coils that have a resistance of 0.35 Ohm and even 0.15 Ohm it is good to know what this means in practice. A coil with a resistance higher than 1 Ohm is suitable for MTL vapors. That means a vapor that goes from the mouth to the lungs. When the resistance is lower than 1 Ohm we call this Sub-Ohm vapors, in this case the vapor will go directly from the mod to the lungs. The X3 Ijoy coils are Sub-Ohm products that are not suitable for MTL vapors, but are intended for DTL use.

Mesh and wick

The version with a 0.15 Ohm resistor has a mesh structure, the 0.35 Ohm version does not. In both cases, organic cotton is used as a wick, Ijoy coils are sold per three pieces. If you are unsure whether these products are suitable for your (box) mod, you can contact customer service.

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