Buy tips for an electric cigarette

You want to buy an electric cigarette but you don't know where to start. You see brands like Justfog, Eleaf, Innokin and other names you've never heard of before, and then you also have to order coils, buy e-liquid and determine if a boxmod is better than a standard e-cigarette. With the tips on this page you know exactly where you stand!

1. From smoking to fumes

If you have smoked for years, and want to quit, an MTL e-cigarette is the best choice. With MTL you vaporize from mouth to your lungs, and that feels very familiar. Choose a model that looks like a cigarette, with as few buttons as possible and get started. If you have the taste you can always switch.

2. Pay attention to import

Or even a bit more precise; do not buy electric cigarettes or e-liquids from outside the European Union. Not because import is always bad, but because you are not sure if the products are good. You have no guarantees from the manufacturer, there is no check carried out by independent bodies, and with a defective device you can usually not claim the warranty.

3. Take control of temperature and vapor

Looking for more options than on / off? Then a boxmod might be something for you. The only reason that many e-cigarettes resemble traditional cigarettes is the familiar design that everyone knows. A boxmod is extremely versatile because there is more room for batteries, printed circuit boards, LCD screens and other technical gadgets to take the vapor experience to a higher level. Consider the option for Sub-Ohm vapors or dual batteries.

4. Read vaping blogs and forums

Web shops are not allowed to advertise vaping products. So not for the best e-cigarette, the tastiest e-liquid and so on. On user blogs and forums you can find tips, read experiences and look up independent information. Keep in mind that consumers often speak more from personal experience, take everything you read with a pinch of salt!

With these tips you can confidently buy your first electric cigarette.