Although not all Britons are looking forward to a Brexit, there is nevertheless a group in England who would like to see this country soon leave the EU. And that is the vaping community. While on the European mainland they do their best to put vapors in a bad light, there is a huge recognition for electric smoking in Great Britain.

Vapors in the hospital

There are already several hospitals in England where a special advice center has been set up for dampers, where fresh fruit flavors must tempt passers-by to switch to vapors. Instead of being banished to the rear shelves of the tobacconist's, e-cigarettes are prominently displayed in the display case of pharmacies. Members of the British Parliament rarely agree, but they all seem to agree with vaping; e-cigarettes are the solution against smoking. It is always noted that fumes are up to 95% healthier than normal smoking, the proportion of vapers has doubled in just a few years. Tobacco smokers currently still have the upper hand, but perhaps not for long.

Where can you vape?

In the top three countries where electric cigarettes are allowed and popular with the public, America is number one, Israel is number two and England is third. Now the popularity of these products is still being slowed down a bit by European regulations, with the upcoming Brexit it is quite possible that the tobacco law will be the first to be revised.