On January 1, the excise tax on a pack of cigarettes will increase by 14 cents. But that is not everything; on 1 April 2020, the excise duty will rise again by 1 euro per pack. We assume that it is not a April 1 joke from the central government, so smoking is going to be considerably more expensive. Unless of course you stop smoking as a good intention for 2020. What are you willing to pay for a pack of cigarettes or shag?

Even more is possible!

As said, so 14 cents extra per 1 January 2020, 1 euro added in April and don't forget 12 cents on top of that in January 2021. That is effectively 1.26 euro extra in a year's time for a pack of 20 cigarettes or shag . These are the agreements within the National Prevention Agreement. According to specialists, higher prices help smokers to get rid of this habit. Apparently these specialists do not quite know how an addiction works but that aside ... When young people due to the sky-high costs do not even start addictive tobacco, that seems like a step in the right direction.

Under-the-table trade

Not only will cigarette packs become boring and uniform in 2020, stores will also no longer be allowed to display their products. This is reserved for tobacconists, but supermarkets, for example, must now keep their packages out of sight of customers. For example, smoking seems almost an illegal practice, with a package that is quickly moved over or perhaps under the counter. If it does indeed help people to get rid of smoking, this seems to be a good thing. Previously, cigarettes were recommended by doctors on television, now it looks more like draining when alcohol was banned in America!

What about e-cigarettes?

E-liquid is not tobacco, but can contain nicotine. The rules regarding advertising and the display of e-cigarettes on store shelves will become much stricter, and the effect of the new measures on electric fumes is not yet clear.