Stop smoking with an MTL e-cigarette

Stopping smoking is not easy. You can decide to stop on New Year's Day, and before the oliebollen is cold, you already have a bad luck in your hand. Is electric fumes a solution and if so, which e-cigarette is the most suitable? The first answer is "maybe" and the second answer is "MTL". Let us explain both answers a little further in this blog.


Vapor is less harmful than smoke. Although there is little long-term data available, we can safely say that electric vapors with a properly functioning e-cigarette and officially approved e-liquid cause less damage than smoke with tar, soot and other pollutants. In many cases, it doesn't just take away the addiction to nicotine, but that's another story. There are e-liquids with a lot, a lot and no nicotine available, most stoppers reduce their needs in a longer period of time.

MTL ...

This abbreviation stands for "Mouth To Lung" or from the mouth to your lungs. This corresponds to the normal way of smoking. With the other DTL method, the vapor goes directly to your lungs, which is a bit like smoking a water pipe. If you want to quit smoking and look for an alternative, an MTL e-cigarette is the most obvious option. Products made for Direct To Lung produce large vapor clouds with a higher temperature, and that gives a completely different experience.

Mods and box mods

Switchers who choose fumes as a method to quit smoking altogether do not have a lot of complicated boxmods with adjustable temperature control, Sub Ohm fumes and LCD displays, who just want to get a stick that looks as much as possible like a cigarette. All kinds of technical gadgets will only form a barrier between vapors.

E-liquid with flavors

Finally, this also applies to the liquids. From shag to a fruit flavor is a strange sensation, prefer to stick with e-liquids with the taste of tobacco but then without the harmful substances. You can buy a similar liquid for every popular brand.

As a former smoker, with a simple MTL e-cigarette and liquid with tobacco flavor and nicotine, you have the best chance of getting rid of your smoke addiction.