You would almost feel sorry for Philip Morris, the parent company of brands such as Marlboro, Chesterfield and L&M. They philosophize aloud about the future of this concern because of the emergence of e-cigarettes, with which tobacco smoke is replaced by vapor from e-liquid. Yet they do not give up that quickly, with products such as the IQOS they offer an alternative to both smoking and fumes, based on a technology that we can best describe as "smoldering." On this page you can read more about Philip Morris' IQOS system, how it works and how it can be an alternative to tobacco smoking.

Heat, but don't burn

The big difference between the IQOS and normal smoking is the way in which the tobacco is heated. When smoking, tobacco leaves are burned, and in addition to nicotine, harmful substances such as tar and soot are released that can lead to all sorts of disorders, including cancer. With the new IQOS cigarette, tobacco sticks are heated to a maximum temperature of 350 ° C. That is much lower than the temperatures of 600 ° C and even higher that occur during incineration. The tobacco will release the familiar aroma without the harmful substances from burning. In addition to the taste, the nicotine will still be present, so it should not be seen as a "healthy" alternative to smoking. It will probably be less harmful, although it is not yet smart to draw conclusions in advance.

IQOS tobacco or e-liquid vaping?

In the case of vapors, the aromas of tobacco are dissolved in a liquid. The liquid is evaporated and sucked into the lungs. It is currently claimed that vapor is less harmful than smoke, although long-term results are not yet available. That extremely hot temperatures can possibly lead to lung complaints is a risk that should not be underestimated. At IQOS, the process is actually a bit easier. Tobacco is pressed into HOT sticks, which are heated and a kind of vapor is released. Nothing needs to be distilled, you still get the aroma of real tobacco. On the other hand, you cannot choose fruit, sweets, coffee and other separate flavors. This heater is purely intended for former smokers who want to get rid of cigarettes.

Smoking, vaping or IQOS?

If it is up to Philip Morris, smokers are moving en masse to the HOT sticks. For people who have never smoked before, IQOS is definitely not recommended because nicotine is present. For ex-smokers there is a choice that is close to smoking but without burning, or heating a liquid that is available in a large number of flavors and concentrations of nicotine.