An electric cigarette is much less harmful than smoking. You don't have to accept that from us, in this case it is a statement by Martijn van Loon, the director of British American Tobacco Netherlands. Why does the director of brands such as Camel, Pall Mall and Rothmans speak out against tobacco products? Probably because they have noticed how many smokers are switching, and also because they themselves have invested 2.5 billion euros in the tobacco-free e-cigarette Vype.

Hype for Vype

Until recently, BAT did not really have much competition alongside Philip Morris, the brand behind brands such as Marlboro and Chesterfield. Now that they have felt hot breath or, more precisely, vapor in their necks for ten years, it is time for a transformation. BAT has put billions in Vype, a brand of e-cigarettes that already managed to raise one billion dollars last year. After 19 countries, the Netherlands is next, in a market with many e-cigarettes in all shapes and sizes. Philip Morris is also working hard on the transition from tobacco to e-liquid, they even want to move completely away from tobacco.

No end for tobacco yet

If it is up to BAT, there will always be smokers, although that number will fall sharply. That is why they indicate to continue with tobacco products, albeit to a lesser extent. Of course, they will not just stop adding nicotine to their products, as they ultimately know how to attract customers. New vaporizers that have never smoked before would do well to choose e-liquid directly with 0% nicotine, there is no risk of addiction to this substance.