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Kangertech Box Mods

Kangertech Box Mods

The Kangertech brand is one of the pioneers in the e-cigarette market. The company was founded back in 2007, which seems to have been an eternity for electric vapers. The Chinese company quickly innovated, for example, in 2010 they issued a patent for transparent clearomizers. In 2012 the EVOD line would follow with evaporation from the bottom. Now they produce various models for various users, including Kangertech Box Mods. It is also striking that the e-cigarettes of this brand are remarkably small when the wattage and low resistance are taken into account. Naturally, all products are produced according to European and Dutch legislation, the factories meet the strict ISO 14000 standards.

Kangertech Box Mods

The KBOX is a device that delivers a lot of power with 200 watts, yet the housing has remained compact. It is striking how unobtrusive this e-cigarette is, while all the functionality expected from Sub-Ohm vapers is present. For example, it is possible to vapor up to 0.05 Ohm resistance when the correct coils are used. Vaping at higher resistance is of course also possible, although the Kangertech Box Mods line will mainly appeal to DTL vapers. Other users are more likely to opt for a more traditional e-cigarette. The device is powered by 2 18650 batteries, the firmware can also be updated. The KBOX is available in three colors; red, white and black.

DTL vapors

With Sub-Ohm vapors, the resistance is below 1 Ohm. In practice this will be DTL vapors, which stands for Direct To Lung. The vapor production is higher than is the case with MTL electric cigarettes, this will also use more e-liquid. Always pay attention to the correct combination of coil, resistance and e-liquid to avoid splashing or leaking. Always read the instructions for operating the appliance carefully. For more information, please contact our specialists if there are any questions about this or other products in the webshop.

Brand: Kangertech Model: Kangertech KBOX 200W TC
Kangertech KBOX 200W TC ..
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