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Vie Box Mods

Vie Box Mods

The Vie brand is a newcomer to the e-cigarette market. It is a brand name of the Athena Group, which is particularly known for the Optimum line of e-cigarettes and accessories for electric smoking. With the Vie Box Mods and other models, they present an alternative form of vapors, in addition to the more well-known e-liquids, they also offer the option of vaping with nic salts and with CBD. This means that these products are aimed at a somewhat different target group than the standard users.

Vie e-cigarettes

At the moment there are three types within the Vie line; the C1, the P1 and the M1. The C1 is an airflow model, this means that the device is activated by taking a flick. This experience is consistent with smoking. In combination with nic salt, this form of vapors is similar to cigarette smoking both in effect and in the physical effect. The P1 is a cylindrical Mod that is activated by pressing a button. The simplicity of a Cig-a-like has been maintained, but with a little more control and based on a modular system. The M1 is the flagship of this brand, it is a robust Box Mod with some unique features that other brands do not offer.

Vie Box Mods

The standard features of Vie Box Mods match quite well with similar models from other brands. Think of the 2 ml tank, 100 Watt power and a 2000 mAh battery. There is also a TFT display on which the settings are clearly visible. The most striking feature is the possibility to use nic-salts and CBD in addition to e-liquids. The latter option in particular means that users of Cannabidiol products such as marijuana or CBD drops can also vaporize this substance. Pay attention; CBD does not provide a euphoric effect like THC does, it only has a calming effect on the body.

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