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Justfog e-cigarette

Justfog is a company from Korea that sells electric cigarettes in several countries including the Netherlands. They develop the Justfog e-cigarette with the aim of improving the habits of smokers. The strongest point is the efficient way in which the battery and the clearomizer work together. A lot of attention is paid to produce the largest amount of vapor with a minimum of energy consumption. The starter kits and POD products have been developed from that point of departure. The batteries are of A quality and are provided with five security criteria. This way they can offer users a uniform vapor experience. The batteries are protected against:

  1. Overheating
  2. Excessive loading
  3. Excessive discharge
  4. Excessive voltage
  5. Short circuit

Justfog e-cigarette goes for sustainable

This is not a brand that makes disposable products, and that is a conscious choice. As the market for electric cigarettes grew rapidly, many brands suddenly came up with inferior quality e-cigarettes that quickly leaked and had other problems. The Justfog e-cigarette is designed for long-term use, they themselves indicate that similar products last only six months while their electric cigarettes easily last three years. The lifespan of a product is of course also a factor that plays a role in the decision for a good damper.

Especially suitable for starters

The Justfog e-cigarette strategy seems to be aimed at the loafers. They also offer different starter sets, each with their own characteristics. The Q16 starter set is an attractively priced set for MTL use. That gives a vapor experience that matches standard cigarettes. The POD Minifit is very compact and works on the basis of PODs, which makes it very easy to use. The Q14 Compact Kit is similar to the popular box mods but retains the easy handling. The really serious vapers who need temperature control and adjustable wattage must look elsewhere, because the Justfog e-cigarette line is primarily designed for ease of use.

Brand: Justfog Model: JustFog C14 Clearomizer
JustFog C14 Clearomizer  ..
€ 8.00 Ex Tax:€ 6.61
Brand: Justfog Model: JUSTFOG P16A STARTSET
JUSTFOG P16A STARTSET Justfog komt weer met een chique en handzaam model: De P16 Starterset. De set bevat een J-Easy 3 batterij en is met zijn eenvoudige instellingen ideaal voor de dagelijkse damper. De Batterij beschikt over een capaciteit van 900mAh en kan worden ingesteld tussen de 3,4V e..
€ 28.95 Ex Tax:€ 23.93
Brand: Justfog Model: JUSTFOG Q-EASY 3 - 900MAH STARTSET
The Q-Easy 3 kit is a compact E-cigarette with simple settings. The Q-Easy 3 comes with a Q16 clearomizer and is seen as a replacement for the traditional cigarette. Because of the small size, the Q-Easy can be stored in your pocket or bag, making it a very handy model for on the road. About the ..
€ 27.95 Ex Tax:€ 23.10
Brand: Justfog Model: Justfog Q16 startset
Justfog Q16 startset Naast de succesvolle 14 serie komt Justfog met een geheel nieuw model de Q16. De batterij van deze set is een kruising tussen een boxmod en normale batterij en is daarom een erg prettig en handzaam formaat. Ideaal om zo mee te nemen. Het idee achter dit model is dat het een s..
€ 27.95 Ex Tax:€ 23.10
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