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Geekvape e-cigarettes

The English word "geek" means as much as "nerd" or a fanatic who likes to delve into a specific topic. That was clearly noticeable with the first Geekvape e-cigarettes. This brand places an emphasis on fans of electric vapors, especially users familiar with terms such as coil, wick, atomizer, DTL. Sub-Ohm etc. In addition to that target group, they also used their expertise to develop products with a lower threshold, while retaining control and custom vapors.

Geekvape e-cigarettes

If you want to switch to an electric cigarette as a smoker, then previously a Cig-a-like or an EGO type was chosen with the familiar elongated shape of a tobacco cigarette. Nowadays, people who want to quit smoking are increasingly choosing Box Mod models, and they have cleverly responded to this with the Geekvape e-cigarettes. The Aegis series offers quite a few advanced options, but you do not need a diploma to set up the device. As is the case with the best technologically advanced devices, it is a simple device to start with, with extra functionality when you need it.

Simple vaping

The simpler Geekvape e-cigarettes are designed for on-the-road use. The devices are compact, sleek and robust. There are some concessions such as a non-removable battery, fortunately there is still a standard 510 connection. With the adjustable temperature you can fine-tune the manner of vaping to your preference, on the display you can read what the status is. The clearomizer is easy to replace, the base unit is one. When you choose a starter set at Geekvape e-cigarettes, you get everything you need to vapor, you only have to take care of the e-liquid. Pay attention to the resistance you want to use, the e-liquid must be suitable for this.

This starter set from GeekVape uses the Aegis Mini MOD and the Cerberus tank. The MOD has an internal capacity of 2200mAh and can be charged using the supplied micro USB cable. Product Details About the GeekVape Aegis Mini starter set The Aegis Mini starter set from GeekVape has an internal..
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