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Exclucig Pods

Exclucig Pods

The Exclucig Stylo is a simple e-cigarette developed by a Dutch company. This product is aimed at ex-smokers who would like to steam without technical bumps to first match. The Stylo is a strong piece of minimalist design, all you have to do is charge the device and insert one of the Exclucig Pods. In this way you can feel the same experience as smoking without dangerous tar, soot and other substances. You will meet your daily nicotine requirement.

Quit smoking?

Many smokers would rather quit, but you just don't get rid of an addiction so quickly. An alternative to cigarette smoking is switching to fumes with an e-cigarette. Many models are complex to use, with temperature setting, deviating power and other issues. For some smokers, a button to activate the e-cigarette is already too much. Then the Stylo is probably more in your street. This is a product that is so easy to use that removing a cigarette from a box takes more effort. This is possible by using Exclucig Pods instead of capsules with e-liquid and loose atomizers.

Exclucig Pods

E-liquid is also present in these Exclucig Pods, but you do not have to pour it into the tank yourself. Simply place a fresh Pod, inhale as needed and when the fluid runs out, replace the entire Pod and start again. You can use the Exclucig Pods to get rid of smoking, yet you do not get rid of the nicotine requirement immediately. Because it is still present in these Pods. This time you inhale vapor instead of smoke, which is less harmful to health, as many studies have already shown. You can use e-cigarettes when you stop smoking, but keep in mind that you will not get rid of a nicotine addiction immediately. Not even with these Exclucig Pods.

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