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Brand: Vaporlinq Model: Cig-a-LinQ Pro
VaporLinQ Cig-a-LinQ Pro   NOTE: the Cig-a-LinQ Pro is supplied without e-liquid. In the gift-box you will get a all-in-one carry case and power station delivering no less than 1,100 mAh:  the battery will be immediately recharged in the holder during use. Charging is shown by a small light and t..
€ 42.95 Ex Tax:€ 35.50
Brand: Vaporlinq Model: Cig-a-LinQ Pro Batterij 90mAh
VaporLinQ Cig-a-LinQ Pro Battery 90mAh   This Cig-a-LinQ Pro battery is supplied with the Cig-a-LinQ Pro giftbox. Delivered without PCC-box and atomizers. Available in: Black White Gold ..
€ 9.95 Ex Tax:€ 8.22
Brand: Vaporlinq Model: VaporLinQ Next
VaporLinQ Next    NOTE: the Next is supplied without e-liquid. This is an STL (Straight to Lung) vaporizer. This model also enables cloud chasing, which means that you can generate more vapor and inhale it directly. This is made possible by the sub-ohm resistance in the clearomizer/tank. By using..
€ 29.95 Ex Tax:€ 24.75
Brand: Vaporlinq Model: VaporLinQ Next TC Luminous
VaporLinQ Next TC Luminous   NOTE: the Next Luminous is supplied without e-liquid. Here are the extra benefits of the “Next TC Luminous" compared with our "normal Next": TC=Temperature Controlled; vaporizing at a fixed temperature of 287 ℃ or 550℉ PCBA TC unit with temperature control from ba..
€ 32.95 Ex Tax:€ 27.23
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