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Exclucig Red Label

Exclucig Red Label

Exclucig Red Label

Exclucig is a supplier of many types of e-liquids for all types of electric cigarettes. The Exclucig Red Label has a composition of 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 70% Vegetable Glycerin (PG). Because the VG share is quite high, this is an excellent e-liquid for Sub Ohm vapors (Direct to Lung) and less suitable for vapors with coils that have a resistance above 1 Ohm (Mouth to Lung). The "throat hit" is minimal, vapors feel soft on the throat. In addition, the Exclucig Red Label is a very inexpensive Sub Ohm e-liquid with a layered taste, so multiple flavors in one liquid. Unlike other Sub-Ohm e-liquids of this brand, the nicotine content goes from 0% to 12%, the other categories only go to 6 mg. And there is a special 1.5% mg version that is missing in other species.

Note: Nicotine is a very addictive substance in all concentrations. We only sell the Exclucig Red Label e-liquids to people 18 years or older, even when it concerns liquids with 0% nicotine.

Here is an overview of the flavors:

  • Exclucig Red Label Bananarita: Sweet banana with cream for a rich taste experience.
  • Exclucig Red Label Bijou: Fresh combination with milk and vanilla for a sweet accent.
  • Exclucig Red Label Blue Hawaii: Blueberries come together with mint for an exotic surprise.
  • Exclucig Red Label El Presidente: Discover the sultry temptation of guava and mint.
  • Exclucig Red Label Frenchy: Say "oui" to this combination of lime and peach.
  • Exclucig Red Label Goldeneye: Sweet and exotic thanks to the juicy pineapple aroma.
  • Exclucig Red Label Hurricane: A whirlwind of grapes and mint.
  • Exclucig Red Label Panama: Imagine yourself in the warm Cuba with this mix of cherries and mint.
  • Exclucig Red Label Peachy: Fresh, fruity and sweet with this combination of peach and guava.
  • Exclucig Red Label Red Job: Fresh strawberries come together with delicious sweet sweets.
  • Exclucig Red Label Scarface: A sweet mouth-watering aroma with this watermelon flavor.
  • Exclucig Red Label Three Musketeers: Three types of apples together create a unique taste sensation.

Preventing a damper tongue by varying flavors

If you always opt for your old, familiar taste of e-liquid, you will taste less and less aroma over time. This phenomenon is called "damperstong". The taste buds become "blind" to taste because you taste it too often. You can prevent this by alternating different tastes, so that you can optimally perceive every aroma. Although damper tongue is not dangerous or harmful to health, it does reduce the vapor experience.

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