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E cigarette and e liquids


The electric cigarette may be used in designated places and at home. In addition, there are no unpleasant odors that may bother others. No more clothes that smell like a filthy smoke. You can charge the e-cigarette with a USB plug or adapter to charge and the e-cigarette comes in different sizes. At you can always go for advice about the e cigarette.


You smoke a normal cigarette and it is ready. An e-cigarette can be refilled with an e-liquid. Eliquids are available in many types, it is also possible to choose with and without nicotine in different mg. Nicotine is harmful to health !. Esigaretshop has a wide range of e-liquids in stock, if you want to know more about the ingredients, please contact us.


With the electric cigarette the voltage can be adjusted, depending on the battery this is usually between 3.3V and 4.2V. Every type of electronic cigarette produces the most vapor at an optimum voltage. The more voltage, the more vapor is released, but beware! too much voltage can cause the electric cigarette to overheat. There are also batteries with variable voltages. There are variable Voltage or VV batteries, be well informed. A lot of time is spent finding the right balance in terms of voltage. In our range we have many different batteries, including adjustable batteries or more advanced batteries. The batteries with higher capacity can be used up to 3000 mAh, this is not a toy. If you would like help with selecting the right battery for your cigarette please contact us.


We have different types of electric cigarettes available such as the disposable electric cigarette. There is also an electric cigarette with refill cartridges. The most common electric cigarette is the e-liquid cigarette. This can be topped up manually with an e-liquid of your choice. There are many e-liquids on the market in different flavors, brands and with different nicotine levels. Strict requirements are set for the production and composition of the liquid. Below is a list of the main ingredients of the e-liquid:

Propylene glycol
Vegetable glycerin
Distilled water

Of these main ingredients, only the nicotine is toxic and unhealthy, but there are also e-liquids available without nicotine. There are also eliquids from Dutch soil.

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Mod categorie info

MOD e cigarette leaf iStick Pico

What is an e cigarette MOD and MOD Box?

MOD is an abbreviation for modification. MOD e-cigarettes were initially created as an alternative to the basic e-cigarette. These batteries are much more extensive and advanced than those of basic e-cigarettes. MOD e-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes. MOD batteries have a longer life and meet certain requirements MOD e-cigarettes have a powerful battery where the voltage and wattage can often be set variably.


You will find different types of MODs in our range. The most famous MOD is the MOD box. The MOD box has enormous power. Box MOD e-cigarettes are available from different brands and with different capacities. Let our team inform you well. MOD e-cigarettes must be used with certain knowledge. Before you start using a MOD e-cigarette, you must have sufficient information so that you know how to use the MOD. The heights of the voltage and wattage are in fact dependent on the resistance of the clearomizer / coil. You need to know how you can best adjust your MOD for the different resistances. Do not try everything on your own, this can be harmful to your health.


Before you buy a MOD box, you must clearly know the difference with an e-cigarette. Here is a brief summary of the mod e-cigarette:
More setting options (such as wattage, voltage and temperature)
Large battery capacity
Lots of vapor development

More information about the e-cigarette

There are various electric cigarettes for sale, each with its own specifications based on the brand and model. Information about use is very important. The electric cigarette or e-cigarette is not an alternative to cigarette smoking. The electric cigarette is an electronic device that mimics tobacco smoking by inhaling the vapor that the electric cigarette generates. Electronic smoking is another name that you hear.

Which e-cigarettes are there?

There are different types of cigarette on the market namely the disposable, cartomizer and clearomizer models. Each model has its own specifications, be well informed.

Disposable e cigarette?

The electric disposable cigarette is a variant of the electric cigarette. The disposable e-cigarette is equivalent to the traits of up to 5 normal cigarettes per day.

Electric cigarette buy refill cartridges?

The cartomizer esigaret this is a model with refills. This variant is a refillable e-cigarette with refills that consist of cartridges that you click on the battery.

E cigarettes clearomizer?

The clearomizer e cigarette. The clearomizer falls under the electric cigarettes that work with a liquid called e-liquid with or without nicotine. The e-liquids are available in nicotine levels that vary from 0mg to 18mg.