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E-cigarette benefits


The electric cigarette has the advantage of being used almost everywhere. In addition, there are no annoying airways that may be affected by other problems. No more clothes that smell like a dirty smoke smell. You can use the e-cigarette more often, because it can be charged via USB or a plug and easy to carry. You can always visite for advised and to try our e cigarettes.


A normal cigarette smokes you up and then it's ready. The e-cigarette is refillable and you can keep using it continuously, which is more durable and cheaper. Eliquids are available in many flavors, and it is best to try out some times and switch with the amount of mg nicotine. Esigaretshop has a wide range of e-liquids in stock, order timely refills, you will never be without. We ship free with Van Straaten & DHL, today an order placed tomorrow tomorrow!.


The perception of an electric cigarette is determined by the voltage of the battery is usually those between 3.3V and 4.2V. Any type of electronic cigarette does not produce at an optimum voltage most vapor. The more voltage, the more vapor is released, but beware! with too much voltage electric cigarette can overheat. There are also battery with variable voltages. These are variable voltage or VV batteries, which are especially popular with more experienced dampers. In finding the right balance in terms of voltage goes clear down quite some time. In our assortment we have a lot of different batteries for both the novice and adjustable damper accumulators or more advanced batteries for the experienced dampers. The batteries with higher capacity are often used up to 3000 mAh for creating very large vapor clouds. Would you like help in selecting the right battery for your e cigarette please contact us


We have different types of electric sigareten available as disposable electric cigarette brand "Flavour Vapes" or the electric cigarette refills ie cartridges of the brand "Zensation" and "E-Smoking". The most commonly used is the electric cigarette e-liquid cigarette. This can be refilled manually with an e-liquid of choice. The e-liquid is very important for determining the vapor experience, namely, this allows for the flavor and aroma that you taste during the vapors. There are many e-liquids available on the market in different flavors, brands and with different nicotine levels. It is very difficult to determine which e-liquid suits you. It's a matter of trying until you find the right flavor and nicotine content. Strict requirements are imposed on the production and composition of the liquid. Below is a list of the main ingredients of the e-liquid:

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetables glycerin
  • Aromas
  • Distilled water
  • Nicotine

Of these key ingredients is the only nicotine but toxic and unhealthy, there are e-liquids without nicotine available. There are also eliquids of Dutch soil as Millers juice. The Millers juice is divided into two lines: the gold line and the silver line. Take a look in the shop to see which liquids we currently have in our catalog!

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Mod categorie info

MOD e-cigarette leaf iStick Pico

What is an e-cigarette MOD and MOD Box?

MOD is short for modification. MOD e-cigarettes are in the first instance, arise as an alternative to the basic e-cigarette. These batteries are pieces more elaborate and sophisticated than that of basic e-cigarettes. MOD e-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes and offer users a wide choice. MOD battery life much longer, perform better and better meet the needs of the user.

MOD e-cigarettes have a super powerful battery where the voltage and wattage is often variable and can be adjusted by the user. This way you can decide how hot the vapor is and how much vapor you want to produce. A higher voltage and wattage equals more vapor and flavor.


In our assortment you will find various types of MDGs. The most famous is the MOD MOD box. The box MOD combines enormous power with ease of use. Box MOD e-cigarettes are available of different brands, in different colors and with different capacities. If you prefer a MOD e-cigarette with the same model as a regular e-cigarette? Take a look at our tube MDGs!

MOD e-cigarettes are generally used by the more experienced dampers. They know exactly what they want and are often not satisfied with the default e-cigarettes. Before using a MOD e-cigarette, you need to have enough information so that you know how the MOD should be used. The heights of the voltage and wattage are dependent on the resistance of the clearomizer / coil. You need to know how you can put MOD best in the different resistances.


Before you go buy a box MOD, you'd obviously want to know what the benefits of a mod e-cigarette. Here are just a mod e-cigarette summarized:

More possibilities set terms (including wattage, voltage and temperature)
Large battery capacity
Many vapor development
High quality
Buying box MOD

Want to buy a MOD e-cigarette or a box MOD? At you do it just from your armchair. You order you to buy your favorite product from us quickly and easily with your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with just a few clicks of a button. Before you know it, the postman again with you on the sidewalk. One of the most popular MDGs in our range is the eLeaf iStick, available in different colors, sizes and designs. Take a look here for sure. MOD which you choose, we wish you much pleasure with your order!

Questions we get about vapors with a MOD:

buy an e-cigarette which one is the best ?

Would you like to buy an electric cigarette you want only a little more information about using the different models and health details? I will provide here the information you need. The electrical cigarette or cigarette-e is an alternative to the smoking of cigarettes. The electrical cigarette is an electronic device intended to mimic the smoking of tobacco, by the inhalation of the vapor which produces the electrical cigarette. Electronic smoking is a lot cheaper with savings up to 75%.

Which e cigarette should I buy?

There are different types namely e cigarettes on the market disposable, cartomizer and clearomizer models. Each model has its pros and cons it is advisable to first start with an entry model to build the necessary experience before purchasing a model for the advanced evaporator.

Buying disposable e cigarette?

Would you like to purchase the disposable electric cigarette? With the disposable version of the electric cigarette you can enjoy the amenities offered by this electric cigarette. The disposable e cigarette is particularly suitable for persons up to 5 cigarettes a day or for anyone who would rather get the electronic cigarette want to try before completely switching to electronic smoking.

Electric cigarette buy refill cartridges?

Then there is the cartomizer e cigarette, this is a model that you buy especially if you are a novice evaporator and you prefer not to venture to the self-refilling eliquids etc. This variant is a refillable e cigarette with refill cartridges that comprise what you the battery locks. The cartomizer e cigarette is very maintenance friendly and easy to use. This type is suitable for the medium evaporator.

E-cigarettes buy clearomizer?

Finally we have the clearomizer e cigarette. The clearomizer is the most sustainable alternative work these electric cigarettes with a liquid called e-liquid which are available with or without nicotine. The e-liquids are available in different flavors and nicotine levels which vary from 18mg to 0mg. The electric cigarette clearomizer is suitable for experienced damper if you're all about stepped on is electronic smoking it ideal for yourself to change the settings of your e cigarette you bought. So you can often amount of vapor, temperature and taste of the e cigarette determine it so easy !. Like difficult after this explanation to determine which e cigarette is best for you please contact us for a personal consultation!