"Reduced risk to health," says tobacco giant Philip Morris about the IQOS. This is a device that works on the basis of tobacco sticks called HOT, which are heated at a temperature of 300 degrees instead of burning at a temperature of 600 degrees. This would reduce up to 95% of the harmful substances associated with incineration. Yet not everyone is enthusiastic about this product.

Foundation against Cancer

The Flemish Foundation against Cancer questions the IQOS alternative to smoking. That fumes are less harmful than smoking has now become the standard opinion, but what about heating a bar of tobacco? The Foundation particularly criticizes the method of use. An e-cigarette with liquid is used in a different way than a traditional cigarette. Instead of smoking a whole cigarette, you take a few puffs and you're done. There is a risk that you puff more often than smoke, but the psychological effect of a product with a "limited lifespan" should not be underestimated. A HOT stick is used in its entirety, just like a cigarette. And that plays a role in the addiction, according to the Foundation.

Smoking out of habit

Everyone knows that nicotine is addictive. Yet it is largely routine and repetitive that makes smoking so difficult to give up. IQOS removes many harmful substances, but retains the habit to which smokers are bound. Where fumes with e-cigarettes have been developed as a method to get rid of smoking, it could just be that the tobacco industry actually develops products to sustain addiction. Is the Flemish Foundation against Cancer right or does Philip Morris have the best for us?