Fumes abroad

The holiday is booked, the suitcases are packed and your e-cigarette is in your hand luggage. But can they actually go on the plane? And where are you allowed to vapors abroad? Here are some vacation tips for carefree crossing of the border.

It already starts at Schiphol

If you are traveling by plane from Schiphol, you must bear in mind that they have a strict no-vaping image here. In addition to the public areas, you are therefore not allowed to smoke in the smoking area. The e-liquid must be packed in sealable bags, with a maximum of 100 ml of liquid. These bags also prevent wetness that may arise due to a height difference due to a leak.

Up or down in the plane?

It depends on the airline whether the e-cigarette should be taken in the hold or in the cabin. Check this before you go to the airport, otherwise it can go wrong at the bag check. Particularly with the large boxmods, there is a chance that customs personnel will not know what to do with that strange box and foreign liquid.

Keep your head and e-cigarette cool

You should never leave electrical equipment in the sun, so the e-cigarette should be in the shade or rather be stored in a (cool) bag. This also applies to the e-liquid that becomes more fluid at high temperatures and thicker at cold temperatures. During a winter sports holiday you can keep the electric cigarette and liquid in your pocket to keep everything at the right temperature.

Check the rules per country

If you travel abroad, you may come across considerable differences with regard to the policy regarding vapors. Leave your mod at home if you go to India or Vietnam, because then you risk imprisonment. In several Asian and South American countries they are at least suspicious of these devices, in the United States it can vary from state to state. Do not vaporize anyway when you are younger than 18, in catering establishments and in public transport.

If you are in doubt, it is better to first inquire with the local authorities, otherwise the holiday could end up in jail for a single ticket!