You've tried everything but it just doesn't work. Stopping smoking is simply impossible. Is that really true or is there a solution? If you know why it doesn't work, then you can start working on a lasting solution. That is why on this page you will find 4 reasons why you cannot stop smoking.

1. You are not only addicted to nicotine

Smoking a cigarette is a ritual. You pick a cigarette or roll a shekkie, it is a moment of rest in the day. A nicotine patch does not replace those habits. You have to break these patterns or replace them with something else. An e-cigarette offers the physical and mental stimuli of smoking, but with vapor instead of smoke.

2. Smoking is unhealthy, but so is the alternative

For many people, stopping smoking means starting to get fatter. Food smells better, tastes better and your mouth wants to be constantly "stimulated." Being overweight can be life-threatening, not to mention a raised cholesterol and clothing that no longer fits. So you continue to happily continue because the alternative is also not healthy.

Good to know; bleeding gums after stopping is because your blood flow will return to normal. This is only temporary and a good sign. It looks pretty scary ...

3. All your friends smoke

You go out pleasantly, or you take a break during work and you are the only one who no longer smokes. Would you like to learn one for fun? If you do not want to be tempted, you must avoid situations where smoking is involved. True friends will support you and help you make the transition easier. By not smoking in your presence, for example, and by not allowing your cigarette to "cycle" anymore.

4. You are reducing too quickly

Electric cigarettes are often used as an alternative to smoking, but many dampers fall back into their old habits. Often it is because they take an e-liquid with too low a nicotine content too quickly, and therefore again in need of a "real" cigarette. So do not go too fast to 0% nicotine, but gradually reduce.

These are some reasons why you cannot stop smoking. But as you can see there is always a solution. So make sure that you stop well-informed, then it will succeed next time!