There are two camps in the world of electric fumes; smokers and non-smokers. People who are not interested in smoking cigarettes will generally use boxmods. They don't look like cigarettes, these users will often have very different flavors. Smokers and former smokers want to keep the same experience, but with vapor instead of smoke. With Nic Salt e-liquid, there is a product that can make switching easier. What are Nic Salt e-liquids, what are the benefits, and are there any disadvantages?

What is Nic Salt e-liquid?

Nicotine is normally dissolved in a liquid, with Nic Salt e-liquid salt is used. That is why it is often called "nicotine salt." With nicotine salt the nicotine is absorbed into the body faster, the effect of this substance will also last longer. In short, it means that the experience more closely resembles a normal cigarette.

Advantages of nicotine salt:

  • Is absorbed into the body faster.
  • Works longer for a "saturated" feeling.
  • More neutral taste than with a liquid solution.
  • Less mg of nicotine needed for the same effect.

  • Are there any disadvantages of nicotine salt?

    There are no real disadvantages of Nic Salt e-liquids, but there are a few points for attention. For example, the effect is so strong that it is not suitable for Sub-Ohm fumes, so it is not that interesting for "Cloud Chasers". It is specifically a product for MTL dampers that vaporize at 1 ohm or higher. In addition to standard e-cigarettes, Nic Salt e-liquids are also excellent for POD systems.