Anyone who knows the comic books about Asterix knows that these stories are about a small village in Gaul that opposes the domination of the Romans. The Netherlands seems to take such a position, in this case against vapors. Because although many countries are positive about e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, Dutch law equates vapors to smoking. While the rest of the world is embracing vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking, Dutch politics are throwing both at a great heap. Why is that anyway?

No advertising for e-cigarette

You will not see advertising in the Netherlands for e-cigarettes, e-liquids or other vaping products. The Prevention Agreement will enter into force next year, which means that these products will no longer be visible in the stores. In addition, all packages will get the same color so that they are no longer attractive. Educational institutions, sports clubs and healthcare institutions are being vapor-free.

Stranger in our midst

Countries like Germany and England do allow the promotion of e-cigarettes. Tobacco manufacturers are switching to e-liquid instead of tobacco, new brands of electric cigarettes are emerging like mushrooms and the equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Despite the ban on advertising, there are many online communities that would like nothing more than to test new vaping products. While CBD, an important substance in hemp, is now freely available, fumes are equated with smoking. This also applies to products without nicotine. With three million smokers in the Netherlands, that seems to be a strong example of reality denial.

The Netherlands was once a leader in the field of social and cultural developments, now we are increasingly following the crowd. And in this case we stubbornly run the other way!